How to reflect and emphasis the site features is the purpose of this architecture design. Rectangular and triangular building unit composition suggest a close relationship between each other and strongly response to the edge of the site. Symbolic is the crucial design strategy used in this project design, which strongly reflects the characteristics of the sloping site conditions and the nearby Duddingston Loch through the elaborately designed sittable staircase and windows in the civic community centre. Furthermore, the designed semi-external corridor for experiencing Duddingston Loch also suggests a relationship between Duddingston Loch and users. Programs design of this project is based on the histories and site contexts. This project also includes carefully consideration on the tectonics issues of the employment of brick materials. 

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The functions design of this project is based on the histories and nowadays circumstances of Duddingston and future expectations of the project. This project not only is being the school of rural study, but it is possible to become a city landmark with multiple purpose civic spaces contain citizens' activities.

The design strategies of this project are natural and rational. They are generated from the given site conditions, including site’s topography, site surrounding, daylight conditions and climate conditions. These are also possible to emphasis the site characteristics in the architecture design, such as using building height difference and staircase design to response site’s topography and diverse methods for experiencing Duddingston Loch in this architecture.

Brick is the majority materials used in the architecture design. Arch façades and groin vaults interiors are two mainly tectonic languages of this project, which are extremely suitable to this project’s material chose in both of its structure and presentation aspects.

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