From Left Ear to Right Ear is a rural school design project that is located on the edge of Duddingston Loch. The design is a sensual experience that would highlight the importance of senses in the perception of architecture. The project was a reflection on the synesthetic experience of architecture. The sounds and textures of the site was recorded in order to design a cohesive building. The design of the school allows a different view on how public and private spaces are perceived. The materiality of the design allows the observer’s perception to change. The different floorings on each part of the building changes the sound of the footsteps. As the sound changes, the perception will change immediately. Therefore the design is an experiment to understand perception.

The Boundaries
Sensory Map
The Object

The idea of respecting the site and the community was a big part of this project. It was important to ensure that the design was cohesive with site and the surroundings. Therefore, the project was designed as an object and this object was incorporated into the site in a way that does not disturb the natural landscape of the Dr. Niel’s Garden. This cohesiveness was achieved through blending the building with the textures and sounds found within the site.

The Circulation
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The Boundary

The building is designed as a device to allow transitioning between public space and private space. The transition happens as one walks from building to building or/and while walking along the circulation space. There is also a transition of sound when one walks through the building, the sounds will become quieter or louder depending on one’s direction. The building is designed to be adjusted by the observers in order the suit their needs. An example of this is the rotatable walls of the circulation space being opened during summertime to allow airfl ow hence the space becoming semi-external.

The circulation space is a boundary between the Duddingston Loch (water) and the site (land). This design is a boundary that creates a transition between the other 3 buildings in this project. Going from top to bottom, the top 2 buildings are designed to be public spaces, and the building at the bottom of the loch is designed to be a private space.

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