Musselburgh is a Scottish town with a long history and is famous for its harbour, golf and industrial history. In the past two hundred years, the town has been continuously expanding, gradually creating more connections with the main urban area of Edinburgh. In the process of modern urban development,  middle-aged and elderly people are often inconvenienced. Our goal is to build a brand-new residential structure for the elderly, to facilitate their later life, and solve problems such as the fast pace of life, air pollution, loneliness, and social disconnection.

In designing the Care Home of the Future landscape, we used local plants, researched during a site visit, and combined the idea of contextually appropriate public and private gardens,  as part of an extended green belt connecting the town, QMU university and the care-home complex.

In the Community Hub, the main circulation is extremely light and spacious and is visually and spatially connected to the green route which runs through the site. .  This allows people to feel more engaged with nature, thereby reducing visual fatigue and healing their mood. Extensive planting schemes both in and around the building can help relax people and stimulate their senses. The Community Hub roof is inspired by the Solar Textile office, which not only can better reflect sunlight into the plan on both floors, but also prevent overheating during summer.


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