Project description

This project begins by looking at a site in Edinburgh that is facing demolition and identifying why that is the case and the current forces at play within that community.
The process of conducting a survey of the existing building allows us to analyse which components can be reused or re-purposed in a new scheme. This project attempts to shift the ‘blank-slate’ approach of construction into a more considered circular method. With that in mind, any new materials brought into the site and their material landscapes are carefully considered in terms of sustainability and designed with future deconstruction in mind.
The programme developed, a reinvented marketplace, is meant to be inhabited by the local community and shift and develop as the people and their needs also change. Therefore, the scheme attempts not only to be sustainable but also inclusive and socially engaged.

Ground floor plan expand
Ground floor plan
Sectional perspective expand
Sectional perspective
Reuse strategy part 1 expand
Reuse strategy
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Deconstruction and inventory of parts
Deconstruction of scheme and material inventory of original structure
Shearing Layers

The principles of shearing layers, coined by Frank Duffy and later built on by Stewart Brand explores the idea that buildings have different layers and that these evolve at different timescales. Therefore it is important to ensure that the layers can be accessed and replaces separately.

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Shearing layers part 2
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