Project description

The Group Care Centre was designed to be a hub of  buildings that would benefit the elderly residents, workers and visitors independently in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Care Centre is comprised of five  buildings: the Care Home, Extra care Home, Community Hub, Student Hub and Health Centre. These buildings were designed to seamlessly co-exist with one another and share a simple dialogue of private, public, residential and community space and to blur the lines of outdoor/indoor thresholds. Nature was the main derivative when conceptualizing this centre, preferring  not to excavate and ruin the sites ecological features,  rather to embraces them. Landscape strategies have been encouraged such as; memory gardens for gathering, sensory gardens to stimulate the residents, playgrounds to encourage the youth from the residential area and a Community centre for people to host farmers markets, showcases and performances, during certain times and seasons. As we didn’t want to fully pave over the site, we dedicated a large south portion of the masterplan  to  wildlife and preserving the natural ecosystem that already exists. As for my individual Care Home design I decided to embrace the theme of nature, having two  inner courtyards and encouraging community between residents while promoting health through lounging areas, tea rooms, green room, dining spaces and activity spaces indoor and outdoor.

Collaborations : Roula Traboulsi,  Shimeng Dai,  Sijin Cheng, Jiaqian Cheng


Care Home Perspective
Care Home perspective from Extra Care Home
Master Planning Strategy

My groups final site plan was finalized by the me and Roula Traboulsi where we just developed the original group scheme. The Care Home Community Center is to  have the    focal point as the memory garden which is placed in between the Care Home, Extra Care Home, Health Building and Community Building. The Care Centre is placed in between the Residential Area and the Queen Margaret University. These Care Center’s building and landscape was designed to create a dialogue  with the surrounding site. This is done by creating a bridge from the  residential area directly to the  Care Home entrance and by placing the student building directly opposite the entrance of the Queen Margaret  University to create a direct  flow of  students between the two buildings.  The Care Home Centre was also designed on a free flow grid to be co-hesive with the surrounding buildings from aerial view, also to create easier path ways for the elderly. The Landscape Design of the  Care Home Centre was to create a direct  linkage to nature , which is done through a series of green roofs and terraces with landscaping on  multiple buildings. The scheme also introduces a memory garden, sensory garden, and private residential gardens. The group proposal also aims to keeps the the southern end of the site sanctioned off for wildlife and promoting sustainability.  

Site Plan expand
Site Plan of Memory Hub
Master Plan
Master Plan of Care Home and Extra Care Home
Structural Axo expand
Structural Axonometric of Care Home
Long Section expand
Long Section and Perspectives of Care Home
Details for Care Home expand
Details of Green Roof and Entrance of Care Home
Site Perspective
Southern Site Perspective
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