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The “Annandale International Islamic Center” is a project focusing on cultural, social, historical and environmental factors, envisioning a space for Edinburgh’s Muslim community to gather and socialise, hold events and integrate easily in the high-density Leith Walk area of the capital. The project thus aims to bring the local community together, specifically to fight the rising hate crimes and discriminations the Muslim minority faces in the UK daily with an invitation for new, previously unlikely conversations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Utilising upcycling strategies was a main focus throughout the project, to limit the amount of waste produced during the envisioned construction process. 120,000,000 tons of waste was generated from construction, demolition and excavation, making up 60% of the UK’s total in 2014. Taking advantage of materials provided on-site tries to avoid this common practice of complete demolition. This commitment brought its own challenges, yet also provided for innovative ideas to incorporate otherwise wasted materials and textures to the building. Additionally, the importance of incorporating new sustainable materials throughout the project meant researching material benefits and disadvantages concerning reuse, recyclability and decomposition at the end of their life cycles. Considering this also meant ensuring components to be easily dismantled for further reuse.

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