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Ratho Libray in Edinburgh is planned to be demolished and will be replaced by a new building. However, fully demolishing the existing building and replacing a new one is a waste of resources, which is not sustainable. This project discovers the way of building a sustainable proposal that responds to the urban context and environment. The methods include researching the way of reusing the existing material in the new proposal and discovering new materials that are potentially sustainable to be used. It is a proposal with appropriate atmospheres in relation to the building functions.  

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Section of Community Space
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Section of Library Area
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Biodiversity Research
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Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_ExplodedAxonometric
Exploded Axonometric
Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_Foundation
Reuse Strategy of the Existing Foundation
Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_Wall
Reuse Strategy of the Existing Wall Structure
Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_Floor Structure
Reuse Strategy of the Existing Floor Structure
Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_Roof Structure
Reuse Strategy of the Existing Roof Structure
Yunfang_Xu_Ratho Library_Reuse Strategy
Reuse Strategy
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Detailed Section of the Community Space
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