The Artistic Care Home Community Masterplan

Responding to our research themes and the aim to alleviate the loneliness of elderly in care homes, our masterplan design concept aims to activate the site through adding more activities to enrich residents' and visitors' daily lives. Our goal is to create a pleasant environment for both physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, our proposal is to set up an art path/district and a green landscape pathway to offer a wide range of activities in the site. This will not only expand the scope and content of the elderly’s daily lives, but also enhance the interaction between the elderly and other social groups in the city and bringing in a sense of familiarity and integration to the site. By setting up multiple entrances, external visitors and tourists can enter our site and directly walk through public activities and landscape areas without interference with the private residential area. This will not only brings art and nature to our site, but also encourages other communities and even tourists by providing different urban experiences.

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Care Home Community Masterplan
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Site Plan
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Second Floor Plan (typical rooms arrangement)
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Project description

The Artistic Care Home proposal responds to the TorCH Brief and aims to alleviate the loneliness of elderly through architectural and landscape design. The scheme aims to activate the site through nature, education and diversity. The masterplan proposal accommodates five required buildings (care home, extra care home, community hub, community health and student accommodation) and added extra programme related to art and green infrastructures to enhance our theme and concept. In order to create a pleasant environment for both physical and mental health, our concept spatial strategy consists of the combination of an art district and green pathway.

The design concept continues with the theme of alleviating loneliness of elderly in the individual proposal of the care home building. The Artistic Care Home is located along the art path, which provides more opportunity for intergenerational communication. The building is planned and designed to accommodate 60 people, with single bedrooms and double bedrooms. It also considers the accommodation and daily use of staff and visitors. The design aims to engender active community participation and personal connections by providing and embracing the opportunity for social and visual engagement, which leads to a central courtyard and rooms configured to ensure privacy as well as engagement.

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