Painting of some cheetahs and a tiger running on pale green background
Cheetahs running alongside Tiger
Children's Book

I wrote and illustrated a children's book called You Belong With Us which centres around a lonely tiger who and feels as though he doesn’t belong anywhere (an allegory for children who feel ostracised from a group), so he goes on an adventure through the forest and finds a whole range of animals who relate to different aspects of him. By the end, he realises that he doesn’t have to belong to just one group because he belongs wherever he is. 

Painting of a lion and tiger walking away from view as friends
Lion and Tiger discover their friendship through a love of roaring
Tiger sitting in front of a forest
Tiger in the forest
Northumbrian Folktales

I noticed a lack of contemporary retellings of folktales from my home county, Northumberland so I wanted to create four sets of wordless triptychs that would tell these forgotten stories in a fun, captivating way to appeal to younger ages. This is a selection of my illustrations from The Lambton Worm, The Queen of Elphame and The Redcaps.

Queen of Elphame handing her lover as a tithe to hell, surrounded by trees and creatures
The Queen of Elphame
Giant worm eating livestock and terrorising villagers
The Lambton Worm
Redcaps dwelling underground ready for their next victim, who is lying peacefully on the grass
The Redcaps
Handmade ceramic plate with a worm painted in the centre with a border of various medieval carvings
Handmade ceramic plate with a worm painted in the centre with a border of various medieval carvings
Folktale Plates

This is a series of hand-built and hand-painted earthenware ceramic plates, inspired by my depictions of Northumbrian folktales.

Handmade ceramic plates with various folktale images painted on
Selection of hand-built, hand-painted plates from my folktale collection
Handmade ceramic plate with a sun motif in the centre with the words 'the original miracle'
Hand-built earthenware ceramic plate with the words 'the original miracle'

I set about painting landscapes throughout the seasons, documenting the changes from winter to summer, experimenting with layers of gouache to portray different temperatures.

Painting of some trees, Hexhamshire
Snow in the Pines III, Hexhamshire
landscape painting of trees and hills
Places I Am Not, Isle of Wight
Painting of some trees in the snow, Fife
Snow in the Pines I, Fife
Painting of some sheep in a grassy field, cloudy sky
Flock, Blanchland
Still Life

In the midst of lockdown, I wanted to celebrate the joys of eating out so I asked people to send me pictures and memories of their favourite meals. I really enjoyed the project as it involved collaboration and sharing stories and memories.

Still life of woman at a table
Still Life I
Still life of a man at a table
Still Life II
Still life of a birthday cake with a candle in, hand with watch in background
still life, layout of food on a table
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