Hello! I am an Illustrator and 2D animator who's interests lie in stylish and contemporary digital illustration, authentic and unique characters and impactful storytelling through 2D animation.

Being BBC

Concept art for an original animation that explores my personal experiences with growing up British born Chinese. It follows the life of a young girl and shows her journey with her cultural identity.

See the styleframes, storyboard, character design and setting design below!

Being bbc scene 1
being bbc scene 4
Being bbc scene 9
Sammi Duong Graduate header
being bbc scene 13
being bbc scene 18
BBC storyboard
Juno coloured character design
Bi & Wang coloured character design
17 yr old juno
10 yr old juno
5 yr old juno
the bedroom
the chinese restaurant
the classroom
the living/ dining toom
the cantonese takeaway
the lunchroom
Chasing Fireflies

A project that intends to create an animation that explores my relationship with ambition, working towards goals and worrying about the future through the metaphor of a character chasing a firefly and dealing with the repercussions when they lose it.

See the test animation, style frames, storyboard and character design below!

Chasing Fireflies Scene 1
Chasing Fireflies Scene 3
Chasing Fireflies Scene 5
Chasing Fireflies Scene 7
Chasing Fireflies Scene 9
Chasing Fireflies Scene 11
Chasing Fireflies Scene 2
Chasing Fireflies Scene 4
Chasing Fireflies Scene 6
Chasing Fireflies Scene 8
Chasing Fireflies Scene 10
Chasing fireflies storyboard
Chasing fireflies protagonist
Chasing fireflies firefly
An Otterly Rare Sight

A fake Innis & Gunn campaign built around an orange and manuka honey flavoured beer inspired by rare otter sightings in Edinburgh. This targets young adult Edinburgh tourists with the intention of encouraging them to go on outdoor adventures. This campaign consists of a beer bottle design, a 6-pack beer box design and a short animated advert.

An Otterly Rare Sight beer mockup
An Otterly Rare Sight beer box
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