an illustration of a nightime office with large windows showing a city. There is one architect still working, they've rolled their office chair over to a shelf and pulled a book down to read though.
Illustrations and Character Art

I've always loved stories and storytelling. When I read books as a kid it felt like looking through a window into a fantastical world full of adventure that I was somehow a part of. Figuring out that I could create worlds of my own just using a pen was a revelation that became the driving force behind my illustration. From concept art to pattern work my goal is always to think, what kind of story is this art telling? 

I'm inspired by anything fantasy; magic and non-human characters show up in my work often. But while I love grand tales of adventure my art leans more towards the magic of everyday moments, the quiet space between battles, the sense of wonder in small details. I'm also queer and non-binary and in my work strive to portray a diverse range of characters and human expression in the fantasy I saw as a space to escape the restrictions of our world.

This page is meant as an overview of the work I've done this year. Be sure to click on my portfolio link above to see higher resolution images, more in-depth descriptions, and process work for each project. 

a portrait of a purple-skinned character with antlers adorned with gold jewlery
a mermaid swimming down through a kelp forest towards an open treasure chest. The chest if full of gold jewlery, some of which is floating up towards the surface expand
two characters sitting atop the ruins of a tower looking at the moon expand
a thigh-up illustration of a teifling pirate, they're holding their swords ready for battle
an underwater scene with three sea gooseberries swimming away from the camera
a knight laying in a field of swords and flowers
a thigh-up illustration of a character in an embroidered t-shirt tied at the waist with a colorful scarf.
a fair hovering against a backdrop of the night sky, they're reaching out to a glowing flower
Apple Armory - Pattern Design
a pattern of apple branches interlaced with bronze armor and weaponry on a blue background
a pattern of apple branches interlaced with bronze armor and weaponry on a white background
Character, Outfit, and Location Design
two drawings of a character in two different outfits, one more fantastical and one you would see on a normal day expand
a character in a vest and wide trousers and several close up sketches of outfit details and props expand
an isometric illustration of a room with a couple of extra detail sketches expand
two versions a character in a ren faire style dress, one with a hat and cloak and one without. There are also three close-up sketches of the hat, the character's rings, and the cloak. expand
Planner and Dungeons & Dragons Notetaking Sticker Sheets
a sticker sheet with various dnd themed character stickers
a sheet of planner stickers featuring various characters doing activities
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