Johnny Flynn Mock Album Artwork - Mockup
Johnny Flynn Mock Album Artwork - Back
Johnny Flynn Mock Album Artwork - Middle
Album Arwork Project - Mock artwork for 'A Larum by Johnny Flynn'

I was heavily inspired by the imagery in Wes Anderson’s 2009 ‘Fantastic Mr.Fox’. I loved the colour scheme, the autumnal oranges and browns in the day and the deep bright blue at night with the large yellow moon. I also took the orange from the day and brought it to night in the form of a fox, and the blue to the day with the pigeons. 

I believe this design manages to encapsulate Flynns magical folky music combined with the urban, man-made grittiness of the lyrical content. It is all hand-drawn separately and layered then put together on Adobe Photoshop.

Mock Innis & Gunn Packaging Brief

For the selection of images displayed above, I found different physical locations around the city of Edinburgh to inspire each beer can or bottle design.

'The Lost Loch' was based on the Nor Loch, a Loch that was drained to later become Princes Street Gardens, I wanted this design to be a maze of sorts of interlocking waterways yet remaining intriguing and mystical. 

'Get Freekie in the Reekie' was based on Edinburgh's liveliest street: Cowgate, and the 'haunted' South Bridge Vaults. I aimed for a spooky yet relatively light-hearted, slightly psychedelic design aimed at students.    

'Froth of Forth' was based off of the gorgeous Forth Bridge that crosses the Firth of Forth river. 

'Mossy' came from a trip to Rosslyn Chappell and finding myself fascinated by the stories carved in the walls and lights cast by the stain glass window.  

Penguin Student Design Award 2021 - Cover for Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah

My submission for the Penguin Student Design Award this year. I first created paper stencil cut-outs that I then manipulated on Adobe Photoshop to create this bright, carefree cover for this fabulous and important childrens poetry book. 

Penguin Student Design Award - Mock up Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah Cover
Penguin Student Design Award - Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah Cover
Penguin Student Design Award - Process
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