As a storyteller and communicator, I take a lot of pride in my illustrations. My process of research, observational drawings of my cats and surrounding objects and colour picking helps choose movements and expression of characters. 

I make each image with the intention of encouraging positive thinking with the underlying note of irony that has followed me throughout the time I spend creating for others. My focus is on images that translate well to children's stories and illustrations, I do this by provoking excitement and humour within everyday outcomes. 

I strive to work hard and keep to deadlines while holding onto a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new mediums and skills. My work is mainly digitally inclined, however, I have a love for gouache, acrylic pens, ink, and screen printing that I continue to develop. I have knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, and Social media.

Photograph of Non-Binary Fem wearing yellow cardigan and horizontal black and white striped tee. Short hair with a topknot and a yellow hairband. thumbs up, slight smile and illustrated with black line and pink grid background with some shape illustrations.
How to Draw Episode One

The first of a video series that I will be creating, going through alphabetical animals and illustrating them in a fun an quirky style that is easy for anyone to follow along with.

Miles The Cat Projects

Throughout the year I developed my own line of promotional items, the beginnings of a mobile application proposal, and a picture book draft in which has been submitted to The Macmillan Prize 2021. 

My inspiration comes from my own cats, Miles & Theo who are definitely my main focus in life and are completely spoiled! My aim is to create a series of books that look at subjects such as attention spans, imagination, dealing with change, and growing up. I also have many other ideas for stories that I'd love to work on in the future too. 

Front Cover & Back cover
Where is Miles? Double Page Spread
Where is Miles? Double Page Spread
Where is Miles? Double Page Spread
Promotional Poster
Sticker pack design
Comic book
Loading screen
Menu Screen
Title screen
Bookmark design
Work for 'Illustrating Children's Books' Make Art that Sells Course

Over the last month of Uni, I'd picked up another course to work on as a project. 'Make Art That Sells' With Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker. This helped me gain knowledge on what to include in a picture book pitch and allowed me to work well outside my comfort zone. 

For this, I worked on texts 'Cleopatra and Mr. Tibbles' by Zoe Tucker and briefly worked on 'Pencil adds 2 + 2' by Lilla Rogers. Over the course of 5 weeks, I developed my characters, their expressions, poses, a double-page spread, and the front cover. As you can see by my Cleopatra and Mr. Tibbles characters I ended up doing many iterations of them before settling on my final designs. 

In the left column you will see sketchbook pages and on the right are more finalised designs.

Character style sheets
Posture sketches
sketchbook page Movement
Happy emotions and styled features
Shape and expression practice
shape and expressions practice sketches
Home life sketches
Sketchbook pages cat poses
Sketchbook page poses
Blind drawing sketchbook page
Process page of how I design
Zoe Tucker's Cleopatra and Mr Tibbles Cover design
Zoe Tucker's Cleopatra full page spread
Modernised Cleopatra and stylised cat
Cleopatra accessories
Stylised facial expressions
Modern Cleopatra with cat
Character Style sheet colour
Mr Tibbles Character Sheet
Cleopatra Character Sheet
Portrait cleopatra
Pencil accessories style sheet
Student list
open list
close list