My practice largely focuses around three themes of: Wellbeing. Collaboration. The Everyday.   

Collage is my main medium of creating: using graphic shapes and bright colour schemes to generate bold compositions. Alongside this I enjoy printmaking: screenprinting and cyanotype and have loved exploring these different processes in my projects this year. 

Collaboration: interaction and communication is vital to my practice and often plays an important role in my research. 

I collaborated with a textile student, Alice Hartland-Ord on a print project to create a large A1 screenprint. Having both stayed in Edinburgh during the initial lockdown in March, we wanted to celebrate our baking creations, a vital part of our wellbeing during that time. We both gained knowledge and skills of the process as well as developing a greater understanding and appreciation of what it means to work in collaboration. 

Follow Your Intuition

A fold-out safety booklet and poster on Cold Water Swimming. I incorporated my own experimentation with cyanotype and monoprinting to reflect the icy tones of the water. 

An image of a cyanotype poster hung on a blue wall. The title says "Follow Your Intuition".
Front cover of a fold out poster on Cold Water Swimming. Blue collaged swimming arms, legs and body shapes make up the cover.
First double page of the fold out poster zine. Combined text and imagery relays the health benefits and potential swimming locations around Edinburgh.
Second fold out page of the cold water swimming zine. Collaged Monoprint images and text show the safety benefits.

‘Plunge’ conveys the narrative of a swimmer diving into the sea. The physical journey also reflects the mental journey, as the book leads the viewer from feelings of initial shock to an energised mind. The large A4 hand-bound format of the book is inspired by joint reading, the idea of reading as a shared experience. Have a look at my website to read the book in full.

Front cover of an A4 book. In the centre, collaged text says "Plunge".
A double page spread of the book "Plunge". There is text and imagery conveying feelings of trepidation stepping into the water.
A photograph of the handbound book "Plunge", opened on a double page spread. The image shows an illustration of blue striped water with swimmers, swimming horizontally across the page.

I collaborated with Graphic Designer Jeremy Newman, creating illustrations for an elderflower cordial brand manifesto. The illustrations help visualise the brand’s identity. 

A photograph of the front cover of the BlackAsh manifesto.
A page of the BlackAsh manifesto shows a collaged treehouse illustration alongside text.
Photography of the BlackAsh manifesto with hands flicking through the pages.
Salmonopticon 2025

Illustrations for “Wretched Light Industry”: I created a series of illustrations for a game being showed and played in an online exhibition “Wretched Light Industry”. I worked with scriptwriter Toby Mills to create illustrations for the ‘loading pages’ between each section of the game: giving background information for the player. 

An illustration is shown on a computer screen. The illustration is the 'loading page' between different sections of an online game.
Roadwork Dreams

Roadwork Dreams focuses on my surrounding environment, the roadworks on Leith Walk outside my flat. Although in theory this will be an important asset for Leith, the noise and destruction has been all encompassing. One of my flatmates had the noise infiltrate her dreams, another describing the road scene to look like a river parting the street in two. I initially documented the scene through photography and sketching. The illustrations created from this project explore the visual chaotic imagery of the scene. I used collage and layering to investigate this.

"Roadwork Dreams". The illustration reflects the all encompassing noise and destruction of the roadworks outside my flat.
Talking Turkeys Book Cover

‘Talking Turkeys’ by Benjamin Zephaniah, focuses on the environment and animal rights among other topics. My book cover reflects the playful, straightforward nature of the language and humour. 

A book cover for "Talking Turkeys" in the colour scheme of orange and blue. A turkey speaks into the phone.
Good Combinations

I looked at “Good Combinations”, using Instagram to ask friends of their own personal favourite combinations. The set of illustrations reflect the varied responses: some more serious, others playful or strange. 

"Gherkins and peanut butter". An illustration conveying this title.
A photograph of playing cards showing various "good combinations" in a range of colours.
Three playing cards showing "good combinations".
"Wedges and socks". An illustration conveying this title.
"Mayonnaise and everything". A collaged illustration conveying this title.
Clockwork Flora

A packaging project for an Edinburgh Festival, Innis and Gunn beer. My target audience was the older generation in Edinburgh, developing my idea to focus on the Floral Clock by The Scott Monument. The floral clock is used to commemorate events and works well for a limited-edition beer celebrating the festival. The beer is infused with dandelion; a traditional flavour chosen to fit with the floral theme.

A packaging project for an Edinburgh Festival, Innis and Gunn beer. The illustration includes a clock-face surrounded by Edinburgh based buildings and fireworks.
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