Hand printed textiles

This project was based around using the repeat patterns I had previously created and lino printing them onto fabric. I then used the fabric to sew products such as cushion covers and zipped pouches.

Lino printed zipped pouch
Lino printed zipped pouch
Lino printed cushion cover
Lino printed zipped pouch
Hand printed fabric sewn into zipped pouches
Lino printed dog bed
Pact Coffee

This was a competition brief run by YCN for the company Pact Coffee. They wanted a piece of artwork which can be identified as the brand but can also be put on the walls of cafes. In addition, they wanted the artwork to be used on promotional items such as mugs, tote bags and aprons.

Cafe artwork
Pact Coffee apron
Pact Coffee apron
Pact Coffee tshirt
Pact Coffee tote bag

This project was a fake brief designing the packaging for a limited edition Innis & Gunn alcohol free beer.

Innis & Gunn can design
Bulimia Comic expand
A short comic highlighting the struggles of living with bulimia nervosa
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