I am an aspiring children's book illustrator who is also interested in making comics, book covers and other sequential illustrations in my career. I like to make colourful, narrative-heavy illustrations, often including expressive characters. My current favourite material to use is watercolour pencils, which I sometimes combine with other things such as fine liner outlines or paper cut.   

An elderly man holding a watering can. The background is the garden with a lawn, shed and the man's wife digging near some plants.
The first illustration in a sequential narrative of an elderly couple taking care of their garden. It is inspired by my real neighbours.
A wider view of the elderly couple looking surprised, with a patio, garden wall and plants in the background. A speech bubble in the bottom-right corner reads "Hello!".
The second illustration indicating somebody has arrived in the garden.
A birds-eye view of the whole garden with the couple looking joyful as their grandchildren have arrived.
The last illustration where the grandchildren have arrived for a surprise visit.
A spaceman and turkey in a spacesuit happily listening to music on the moon. The Earth is above them and the background is a blue-green sky with stars and sweets floating in it.
A book cover design of Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah which I submitted to the Penguin Random House Student Design Award.
A boy who has superpowers of controlling leaves finds a map. The window shows a close up image of the map. Next to the door, the boy manipulates some vines to lower him from the door as he follows the map.
The first section of a mock up of a sequential narrative on a bedroom wall. Physically, this is presented as a concertina.
Many exotic plants in the background. The boy uses his superpowers in various ways to climb and overcome obstacles. A space in the fireplace shows a close up of the boy's excited face.
The second part of my concertina showing the character following a map by controlling plants with his superpowers.
A view of a hidden pond surrounded by plants with the boy staring at it from the left hand side. The map is blown out of his hand by the wind.
The design of the final wall.
The physical mock up of the concertina from one angle with a brick pattern around the outside and the illustrated narrative on the walls on the inside.
The full mock up presented as a concertina with a repeating brick pattern on the back. The room is designed so the viewer can start clockwise from any wall and the narrative should still make sense.
A dark blue background with pink and green Northern Lights at the top and white mountains towards the bottom. On the right-hand side there is a hot air balloon with characters and animals in the basket, with a witch on a broomstick and snow goose flying above.
A book cover design for Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.
The border of each page is the shape of a mobile phone and the panels are in the shape of text message speech bubbles. The colours and backgrounds reflect the mood of the character at that moment.
A comic inspired by the way I react to different people texting me.
A mix of traditional and more abstract comic panels using a colour scheme of reds, yellows and grey.
A comic about a dad who gets progressively more annoyed as he waits for his children to get ready for a day out.
A world map titled in both English and Japanese. The character Anna is pointing at the U.K. and Japan, a dotted line between them representing the journey.
The first double page in my picture book about two half-Japanese and half-English five-year-old girls comparing their experiences of being mixed-race. It is partly based on my own experiences.
The left has a birds-eye view of Anna's bedroom with the two girls lying on the bed and futon. The right is four spot illustrations depicting Yūka's sleeping arrangements in Japan.
The characters comparing their bedrooms.
The left shows the two girls looking into a Japanese bathroom. The right is spot illustrations depicting how to use the bathroom using the two characters.
The characters bathing in a Japanese bath.
The left shows Anna looking angry with a speech bubble coming from her showing a another girl in a school uniform speaking to her in a way she doesn't like. The right mirrors this with Yūka looking sad and a speech bubble showing some children being mean to her.
The characters explaining the negative ways they were treated as mixed-race children.
Spot illustrations depicting the two girls enjoying aspects of being half-Japanese and half-English together as they are now friends.
The characters excited at the prospect of experiencing school together.
Assortment of different dictionaries including Japanese, English, German and Spanish.
A clutter of real and origami plants with a British flag and an EU flag in plant pots.
A drawer of Japanese and English cutlery drawn in pastel and felt tip against a yellow background.
A selection of drawings from my drawing journal. I drew one drawing a day, five minutes for each one. This was research for my children's book about being mixed-race. It was also an experiment to help loosen and develop my drawing style.
Red post box drawn with white gel pen, white pastel and black brush pen.
Traditional Japanese tea pot next to some traditional Japanese handmade tea cups.
A group of different sauce bottles drawn with black pen, black pastel, red and orange pencil against a mustard yellow background.
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