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My name is Georgina Carey and I am an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh and London. My work is fuelled by a joy for the individual, celebrating the individuals expression through their craft and their clothing. Fashion illustration is my main medium but I also work within editorial design and graphic design.

Performing Femininity

I wanted to research further female performance and how it is determined by the male gaze. In my research into burlesque I came across this Instagram page @ficheraz, who have curated a vast digital archive documenting Latin American and Caribbean showgirls who are often overlooked in a white-washed industry. What draws me so much to burlesque is its entanglement with female empowerment, to an existent aesthetically the costumes and choreography are catered towards the male gaze but there is no denying the artistry in their craft. The tension lies between women who use their hyper-femininity and sexuality to earn a living or for their own enjoyment and our universally misogynistic culture that demonises female sexual freedom. 

Burlesque Dancer expand
'Burlesque- Wendy Fitz William 1998' (297x 420, ink and oil pastel on paper)
Godiva Vintage

This project was to provide fashion illustrations for an editorial advert for ‘Godiva’- an Edinburgh Vintage shop that has sustainability at its core. I took inspiration from fashion editorials of the 1970’s and modern designers who have resurrected the earthy tones of the past on the contemporary runway.

Editorial Illustration for Godiva Vintage. Woman holding balloon spelling out "Godiva Vintage' with the caption 'Shop Vintage' in the left bottom corner
Editorial Illustration as part of a campaign for 'Godiva Vintage' (Digital Illustration created with ProCreate)
Digital Illustration of Oscar Wilde
'Absolut Pride', Packaging project
Illustration of Marlene Dietrich
'Absolut Pride', Packaging project
Absolut Vodka Pride Packaging, featuring Oscar Wilde
'Absolut Pride', Packaging project
'Absolute Pride'

This packaging project was created as a set of special edition designs celebrating Pride Month for Absolut Vodka. I wanted to move away from the standardised Pride flag concept as it felt synonymous to the monetisation of Pride- so instead opted to celebrate three queer heroes of mine. Oscar Wilde and Marlene Dietrich

Skills & Experience
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate
  • Life Drawing
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