I am an illustrator based in UK and South Korea with an international background. Using both classical and digital mediums, I mainly work on conceptual and surrealistic illustrations that implies in-depth meanings or leaves open interpretations for the audience.

Skills & Experience
  • Illustration BA (Hons) from ECA; University of Edinburgh
Where I Am

A surrealistic illustrative-painting that represents the geographical location I am currently residing in: Sejong-City of South Korea. The painting reflects on the overall atmosphere of the city from my understanding and use symbolisms to hint on the unique traits of this city. 

A floating gear-wheel connected to an infant with a mechanical umbilical cord is supporting statues and infrastructures. In the background, there are floating men in suits all lined up in order. expand
Where I Am (mentally)

A conceptual/surrealist portrait of myself; indicating where I am psychologically during the time of pandemic.

A portrait of a man with an owl head, wearing a suit of gold armour, a cape, and a face-mask made with human skin.   expand
Promising Contrasts

A conceptual illustrative-painting that focus on visually expressing the contrasts that lies between 'life, love, and death'. It is a project with the concept of myself carrying out FAC (fashion and artist collaboration) with the fashion brand: 'Alexander McQeen'. 

A young couple in Alexander McQeen dress and suit-piece are posing in front of a giant green apple with a whole apple tree growing from its tail, and baby angels coming out from the inside of an apple. They are all surrounded by a vast sunflower field and some items on the ground that are often painted for 'Vanitas' paintings.  expand
An elder knight and his servant in 'Stone Island' outfits are marching into a wonderland that's full of metaphorical imageries and surrealistic creatures; e.g. tiger with a human head and a walking giant windmill. expand
A project with a concept of myself carrying out FAC between 'Stone Island', using the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha’s narrative to represent the brand and I.
It Get's Better Offline

A surreal illustrative-painting that shows the downsides and the temptations dwelling in the online-world/internet culture.

A faceless man with a hole in his chest area is standing in a waiter's posture, holding on a plate with his brain on it. He is in a world with mountains in shapes of naked human bodies, a tree with emojis as its fruits, and a snake that's half cable line. The gate to this world is a door that looks like a digital phone. expand
Running Club

A front-cover art I did for the collaborative horror-zine project that includes Ocean Redgrave, Philomena Marmion and Peter Tilley. This Illustration has alternative interpretations depending on how you like to see it: 1. The collective members including myself are running away from our own deepest fears. 2. We are trying to outrun and overcome our fears. 

Four runners in the order of fox, cat, goat and rabbit-head are running downhill in a mysterious forrest, surrounded and chased by four gigantic blue-ish monsters. expand

Illustration that visually portrays on the specific moment when oneself is giving up/into the depression.

A sad looking character with a mathematical 'pi' symbol on his chest is comfortably sitting next to the fluffy white sheep, not aware of the wolf hiding underneath the sheep skin. expand
Bind Artistry

An illustration work that portrays artists' mental state when their creativity and practices are being limited by exterior forces; e.g. Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions. 

A man with a head of a tiger is locked up and chained down. The lock of his feet is tied to Leonardo Da Vinci's head. expand
Airplane explosion in the clear blue sky. In the centre of the vast deserted landscape, there's an artist with a burning head with his canvas and an owl. On his left stands a chained man with the head of a tiger, men with a cloud head and a woman dressed in red, a notice-board stating 'STAY', and a house with a basketball court and a giant green apple in its yard. On the right, there stands a man in a grey suit, a knight, four sheep, a wolf, and five trees. At the front right corner stands a holy spirit.
Conceptual painting summing up all of my emotions and projects I did in this peculiar year with pandemic.
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