Project description

Lacking green spaces has resulted in severe ecological as well as socio-economic problems. Public transportation and domestic consumption resulted in Greenhouse gases, while industrial activities brought the site more contamination. Without green space to purify the air and remediate the soil, the climate and environment gradually damage human health and more than human.

To solve these difficult problems remaining for over 100 years, the neighbourhood should have sufficient public green spaces for human and more than human. Firstly the contaminated soil must be remediated. More trees and shrubs should be planted because the roots can absorb the pollutant elements and transform them into nutrition. The seeds can also stabilize the soil and fertilize the soil. The urban forest can also effectively absorb carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, improving the air condition.

Urban agriculture is another proper strategy to activate the area. Usually, urban agriculture can be employed on vacant and derelict land. Residents can also be encouraged to participate in horticulture activities. Urban agriculture with ecological irrigation and cultivation can effectively transform vacant land into an active open green space. Urban agriculture can also activate economic activities with markets, bars, and kitchens, providing more chances for people to do social activities. Besides, crops and fruits are also healthy food resource for urban wildlife.

Site mapping

Suffering a lot from shrinkage, residents in Ibrox and Kingston neighbourhood struggle with the poor living conditions. Therefore, this project aims to activate the neighbourhood effectively and quickly with eco-agro urban parks.

Site reading
Dynamic landscape

Landscape development is a dynamic process. This video may explain how the landscape will change in this area.

Veg box in the eco-agro park
Activities that happen in the eco-agro park
Ecological construction
expectation of eco-agro park
Skills & Experience
  • 2020 The roles of urban planning in different stages of the pandemic Covid-19: Response, recovery, and preparedness (presented at 15th AESOP Young Academics Conference 2021, 29 March - 2 April 2021)
  • 2019 ZAP Associates - Internship
  • Advance in Auto CAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Lumion, Keyshot, Rhino
  • Medium in Animate, After Effect, Premiere, SPSS, GIS, Grasshopper, python
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