Design Proposal

‘Glasgow made the Clyde and the Clyde made Glasgow.’ The River Clyde flows through the middle of Glasgow and has gradually lost its vitality, causing its sound to disappear into the urban soundscape. The soundscape of the River Clyde has the potential to be an oasis within the city that reduces the negative effects of city noise and enhances the urban soundscape for people’s health and wellbeing. The concept of the river soundscape has arisen as a response to the unhealthy urban soundscape for humans and wildlife to mitigate the negative effect of noise pollution by masking the noises and generating wanted sounds. It is introduced as a socio-ecological approach to enhance the sense of place and wellbeing; it aims to recall the riverscape and form a new city identity around the River Clyde. The river soundscape is vital to provide natural sounds within the urban environment to create benefits for humans and more-than-humans.

Territory and Sites Location
Sound Evaluation
Dynamic Changes
Sites Evolution
Sites Evolution
Topography Design
Sound Section
Skills & Experience
  • PS, AI, Rhino
  • 09.2014 - 06.2018 Beijing Forestry University---School of Landscape Architecture(Liangxi Experimental Class) Bachelor of Agriculture
  • 03.2019 - 05.2019 Yufan Zhu Studio, Beijing, China
  • 12.2017 - 02.2018 Turenscape, Beijing, China
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