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Dynamics of Cars
A photo-collage of existing motorway structures in Glasgow
Re-imagination of 100 years later scenario
A speculative future of transportation infrastructures being transformed into an ecological corridor in 100 years
Transforming Landscapes |The Glasgow Neurons
Masterplan | Catalyst Site: Scottish Exhibition Center Car Park
Visualisation | Spring
Ecological Succession
Visualisation | Sumer
Design Details
Visualisation | Autumn
Models Experimentation
Visualisation | Winter
Visualisation | Seasonality & Materiality
Skills & Experience
  • Earthasia Limited: Summer Intern
  • International Workshop on Urban Landscape | Tokyo City University, Japan
  • Post Disaster Reconstruction Workshop | Kyushu University, Japan
  • MAD in Singapore, Design for Healthy Ageing | Nanyang Polytechnic University, Singapore
  • Living with Sustainable Materials | Elisava School of Design, Barcelona

I have expressed strong enthusiasm for art and design since childhood. It all begins with a few strokes by crayons, to digital artworks by Photoshop and iPad. Sketching is a way for me to express emotions, and it naturally becomes a tool for my design exploration. Throughout time, I realised something more delightful than drawing – that what I draw could eventually come to reality influencing the world.

During the covid-19 lockdown, there has been a growing recognition of nature's impacts on human well-being. People started to reckon the interconnectedness of humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. As a young landscape architecture graduate from the University of Edinburgh, I am eager to bring innovative ideas to the industry and create responsive designs to meet different users' needs and aspirations. I believe through this time of pandemic reflection; we could take a further step to plan and construct a biophilic and ecocentric city.

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