Through the understanding of the Wood Wide Web, I found that trees have the same social significance as human beings. They cannot live on their own like the human beings in our society; People socialize in our community, while trees communicate with each other underground through wooden nets. The idea is that trees are not in competition with each other in the woodland; rather, they rely on each other all the time.
The existing woodland has a rich ecosystem. By linking the existing woodland and the sites that need to regener-ate, a relatively complete urban green space will be formed. Promote the richness of surrounding ecology and speed up the restoration of urban vacant land.Finally, froming the riverside woodland with rich ecosys-tem, which enables human to go to nature and non-hu-man to have their homes.
The wood wide web dynamic system
The wood wide web dynamic system_2
Green spaces need to be connected to form a complete and continuous green space system. There is also continuity between human and non-human, which will make the exchange of resources more convenient
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2020 is an unforgettable year. With the global outbreak of coronavirus, people can only live and work at home, and the contact between people is no longer frequent. In addition, global climate change and the upcoming cop26 in Glasgow remind us that cities must respond accordingly.

The focus of this semester is that transforming the vacant land into woodland. Glasgow was called “The Second City of the Empire.” However, with the change of industrial structure, which produced a large number vacant and derelict land. These abandoned industrial buildings and equipment represent the past of the city. Reasonable transformation of these sites, equipment, and some heritages to give new meaning and cultural connotation saves resources and preserves the precious historical memory of the city. The transformation and utilization of abandoned land can effectively promote the economic development of surrounding areas and create ecological, economic, and social value.

When I analyzed the green space system in Glasgow, I found few woodland on both sides of the River Clyde. That means both sides of the riverbank will be the best choice for creating new woodland. Finally, three pieces of vacant land near Govan dock are selected as the starting point of creating urban woodland and forming a coherent ecosystem. Here, it is necessary to put forward the most critical concept:  ​​Wood Wide Web. It means that trees are related and connected in mature woodland. They pollinate each other from the ground, and the mother trees transmit nutrients, sugar, and water to the young trees, deading and diseased trees also signal young trees from underground. In addition, mycorrhizal intergrowth occurred between trees. In short, the mother tree is quite important for building a new woodland. All new woodland needs to rely on the existing mature woodland. Therefore, we need to use mature woodland parks as a catalyst to connect them with new woodland, creating a connection between the ground and the underground, and promoting the formation of new woodland. Finally, the existing green land and vacant land will form a complete urban woodland system.

In the future, Glasgow will be a city full of high-quality green space and also contribute to the mitigation of world climate change, also the existing green land and vacant land will form a complete urban woodland system.

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