Skills & Experience
  • Hand Drawing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • AutoCAD
  • 3 years of experience in the sustainability sector for the built environment
  • Design Assistant Summer Placement
Carbon Lore: Floating peatland walkway expand
Carbon Lore: Floating peatland walkway
Project description

From degraded peatland bogs in the uplands to the growing ‘Oil Rig Graveyard’ of the Cromarty Firth, the Allt Graad river network encapsulates the entangled complexity of the Anthropocene. Like many remote glens in Scotland, Glen Glass is characterised by coniferous plantations, elite hunting sports, intensive sheep grazing and abandoned townships. The Carbon Farming Meshwork outlines a route map for the local community to reclaim and re-inhabit this land whilst tackling the challenges of the Anthropocene and enhancing ecological carbon sinks. 

Rituals of Care

The proposal explores four threads:

Wild Carbon designates areas of reduced human intervention and reintroductions of ecosystem engineers, such as Beavers, to restore self-regulating riparian woodland and peatlands.

The Carbon Commons explores shared ownership among human and non-human communities. Silvopasture and silvoculture commons are proposed including the reintroduction of free-roaming grazing animals, such as wild bore, and managed by local communities to enhance carbon sequestration, biodiversity and a sustainable local economy.

Cultivated Carbon utilises regenerative agricultural practices to enhance soil carbon. The introduction of paludiculture is proposed to restore the carbon sequestration capacity of degraded peatland sites and provide further economic value to the local community.

Carbon Lore fosters common knowledge creation through Carbon Trail Observatories and rituals of care such as micro-propagation of sphagnum moss distributed via drone across remote peatlands to restore degraded blanket bog.

Restoring peatlands. Drones as carbon farmers. expand
Restoring remote peatlands with carbon farming drones
Carbon Farming Meshwork Animation

The animation (left) provides an overview of the proposal and acts as an engagement tool, designed to inspire community-driven action along the Allt Graad river network and provide a framework for alternative modes of living in rural Scotland. 

Carbon Lore: Floating peatland walkway model
Carbon Lore: Floating peatland walkway model
Masterplan for Eilenach expand
Eilenach Masterplan
Restored buildings and communities
Carbon Commons: Restoring lost communities
Carbon Viewpoint expand
Carbon Viewpoint
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