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Grounded transforms the site of Glasgow Airport into a public saltmarsh park, restoring contaminated land, reconnecting communities of humans and non-humans to the landscape, and creating a dynamic and resilient space that will protect communities from the effects of the climate crisis - and allow them to react to future changes. This is facilitated by the creation of Y.our Land, an app that empowers communities to monitor, nurture, and advance the formation of their landscape over the next 200 years and beyond. The project acts as a case study for the creation of a wider saltmarsh network, laying down a framework for other potential sites to respond to the changing climate and other harmful effects of the Anthropocene.

This proposal looks back at historic uses of the land on which Glasgow Airport now sits to seek to provide a resilient landscape for now, while looking ahead for future generations at all times. Infrastructure on the site will be recycled and converted for the benefit of the community, including nature lookout towers, plane fuselage pods, a community centre, and saltmarsh science labs - and access will be provided for all members of society through a boardwalk. The project taps into the unrivalled carbon storage potential of saltmarshes, utilising the remediating ability of sediment and marsh vegetation, and creates a framework to protect and empower communities of humans and non-humans well into the future.

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