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My Synthesis Project is a proposal for a Visitor Art Workshop and Gallery Space, in relation to my masterplan project for the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh. The aim of the workshop and gallery space within the Talbot Rice Gallery is to provide an area for visitors to explore the process of creating and have their artwork displayed around temporarily in the gallery. Being located within the Old College Building in Edinburgh, it will help represent the Talbot Rice Gallery as an educational platform as well, that is open to all. The objective is to eliminate the sense of disconnect that the visitors may feel in a gallery and to help them interact with the art and the gallery space. This space does not aim for perfection, it does not ask for professionalism, but encourages the determination to learn and also enhances the visitor experience in the gallery. Through the design of the workshop space/studio, the aim is to provide an area with necessary tools and resources for visitors to create, but to also help them learn, understand, and interpret various forms of art. 

The Visitor Workshop in Level 04 of the White Gallery, will be a space to welcome visitors and for them take part in various activities and sessions that allow them to engage with the process of creating artwork. It includes individual workspaces and pods for visitors to work on their own, but also collaborative workspaces where users can meet, learn, interact and discuss various ideas. There will be sessions taken by staff to help visitors explore new forms of art and have their artwork displayed in the Level 05 Visitor's Gallery which will encourage them to create and relate to the work displayed.

The workshop will also include spaces to engage with art on the wall and Sensory pillars where visitors can work together to create standing displays which acts as unique exhibits in the gallery. The aim is to allow visitors to participate in the process, learn new concepts and take home a part of their experience of visiting the Talbot Rice Gallery.

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