Project description

What art brings to people is not only the feeling of vision, hearing and touch, but also the inspiration that people can get from art. Contemporary works of art can provide cognitive value and encourage us to think creatively. If we try to stop and think carefully, we may get different experiences( Gregory, 2013). Many contemporary works of art have metaphors and allusions, so it  may takes time to fully understand an artwork. I hope Talbot Rice Gallery can be a place where people can not only enjoy rich exhibitions here, but also learn something and precipitate their own ideas. Therefore, this design will focus on creating an art leisure and meditation space at the junction of the exhibition hall(where Round Gallery is located), so that visitors can get away from a certain theme exhibition for a short time, and calm down in this space and have their reflections.

I hope this space can be used as a meditation space in addition to circulation. Seats and art installations will be arranged here to let people relax physically and mentally. In addition, I also want to use the skylight on the top floor and integrate the modern design techniques into the space and show the beauty of Talbot Rice Gallery. In order to achieve this idea, I am going to rearrange and set up the space of round gallery on the second and third floors, increase the area of public space, and make the whole space more integrated. At the same time, through the change of structure, the two floors will be connected vertically by a spiral staircase.

Different Space Atmosphere

I hope the space on these two floors can have different spatial emotions. The lower floor is quiet and introverted, and the upper floor is warm and extroverted. Therefore, in the lower floor, I chose black, white and gray as the main tone, with more emphasis on the effect of light and shadow. In the upper floor, I chose to use color tones and create a dynamic space with colored installations.

Plan of Lower Level

The lower space consists of the central meditation space and the surrounding private units and reading space. The central space is surrounded by white translucent paper, people inside and outside the space may not see each other clearly, but they can feel the existence of others. 

Plan of Upper Level

The upper space uses transparent color tempered glass to enclose the stairs and the central meditation area, hoping to use the sunlight of the skylight to react with the color elements in the space. Colorful hanging chairs are scattered in the surrounding space, hoping that people can enjoy staying here. In addition, there is a small circle of hollow space in the central area, so light can pass through this layer to the lower space.

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