I am a Belgian spatial designer who identifies as a citizen of Europe, not a single country because it is important to empathise with all cultures to be a good designer. I acquired a bachelor degree at Luca School of Arts in Brussels (Belgium) in Interior Design. I graduated top of the class with an award for best final year design project. During those years, I was offered a scholarship to attend The University of Sydney (Australia), School of Architecture and Design. Today, I completed a MA in Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design at the University of Edinburgh. During this master, I enforced my skills around interior design and acquired new skills such as space planning, presentations and macro-scale design. The growing city of Tallinn (Estonia) sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe, is where my growing interest in office design (note my final MA project The Red Hub) can be exploited.

Skills & Experience
  • Interior, architectural and Spatial Design
  • Project manager for the PG Exhibition (MA IASD) 2021; Edinburgh School of Arts (UoE)
  • Presentation and management
The Red Hub

The renewed Student Entreprise Hub is located in the Georgian Gallery in Old College. Students and recent graduates of the University of Edinburgh use this hub to develop a winning business. The values of community and sharing knowledge that the SEH already has, are translated into a space where interdisciplinarity is naturally encouraged through interior design. A modern and playful transformation of the Georgian Gallery shows that  young companies are capable of offering a high-end service in a professional setting. The sense of height  is accentuated by expanding the existing balcony. The use of levels offers privatised meeting rooms on the upper level and open work spaces on the ground level. At the same time, respecting the SEH wishes, nothing is physically closed off. Furthermore, the balcony today is not accessible for wheelchair users. SEH's core value is an open community for everyone. The expanded balcony offers mobility to all types of people. The red interiors refers to the new brand colour of Edinburgh Innovation logo. I took it a step further and made a monochrome hub, everything red. This bold move is fully in line with the adventurous post-graduates taking the chance to start their business at The Red Hub.

Mater plan for The Talbot Rice Gallery

The Talbot Rice Gallery is re-invented into a modern event-focused contemporary art gallery. Several significant architectural changes have been made whilst respecting the historical importance of Old College and the TRG's values.The fusional relationship between the University of Edinburgh and the TRG have been highlighted in a visual sense and in a metaphorical sense. Edinburgh and the citizens are the main force behind the masterplan strategy, this TRG is the new educational, eventful and free museum open to all. The masterplan offers a strategy plan to turn the TRG into an event-focused contemporary art gallery. Events are a great way to reach the audience and break down barriers for people who would not visit a contemporary art gallery under other circumstances. Events become the museum’s signature way to invite in new audiences and reach more people. In fact, it can be the most important communication tool with the community. One of the TRG's main aims is to connect with people locally, and events are a great way of achieving this.

TRG will be a cultural hub for all Edinburgh citizens. The bright pink ramp is noticeable from the moment one enters the Quad Lawn and will contribute to leading visitors towards the reception. The circulation system of the new staircase visually meets the neo-classical building of Old College. These stairs are an immediate interaction with the visitor walking into the quadrangle and suggest the contemporary art inside the building

Come Outside the Library

In the middle of Edinburgh at Old College hides the Playfair Library. A Neoclassical grand hall divided into small reading carrels. Come outside the library is a design for one reading carrel but gives room for similar adaptations in all of them. It is a modern space that offers a work environment for students by adressing students' changing needs and moods.  A subject that is more relevant than ever during the global health pandemic that forced us to work differently.The workspace submerges the student with a feeling of rest and curiosity and reminded one of a walk through the forest, looking for the perfect tree to sit against. Sitting in an isolated spot or in an open corner surrounded by others are available options. The workspace provides a place for students to work productively. To achieve this, a change of scenery is necessary, even for this design. Therefore, the seating elements are not meant to study on for hours. Rather, Come outside the Library is a space where exceptional conversations take place and quality work is produced.

Degree show poster
Degree show 2021

Recognise this? 

I am honoured to represent Edinburgh College of Art with this image I made for Reading Interiors. It represents the Playfair Library, a majestic hall designed by William Henry Playfair 200 years ago as I worked with the space for Adapting Interiors (Come Outside the Library)

The relationship I have with the library took a long time to build up. This high maintenance friendship, like any other friendship, brought me all kinds of emotions such as joy, fear, stress, excitement, intrigue and good conversation. The key qualities of the library are her architectural openness, her historical heritage and above all, her adaptability. However, during this pandemic year, I was not able to visit the space before designing it, I could only imagine.

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