Project description

There are fieldnotes showed that visitors appeared more confident and were more demonstrably performative when they were in groups, compared to the self-consciousness they exhibited when alone. So I want to build up a art space which is not a pure art gallery as a starter for those who are too shy to enter. In this space, people can relax, feel the art, touch the art, or talk about art, and have a sense of immersion for the above. And, in this space, people can engage in social activities. For the gallery itself, this space can also integrate many functions, such as reading area, souvenir shop, etc. There are 5 visit motivations of the visitors to museums or galleries: 1) Learning and discovery; 2) Passive enjoyment; 3) Restoration; 4) Social interaction; and 5) Self-fulfillment. I hope that through my design, I can satisfy the motivations of visitors in this space, and on this basis, create unexpected surprises.

In the corner of the old college, I hope to build a space where commercial and cultural coexist - an art community. This is also a part of the new Talbot Rice Gallery. The entire gallery consists of an exterior exhibition space, an indoor gallery and a cafe. The core of the art community - art cafe -  occupies the side of the ground floor of the old college and is developed by Talbot Rice Gallery. It is aimed at professional artists and well-educated art students, as well as a wider range of visitors or ordinary people. In this space, visitors can experience professional and cutting-edge art works, live performances, art lectures, etc. And they can also unknowingly enjoy the artistic atmosphere in the relaxing cafe area. This kind of combination and link makes art integrate into life and makes life full of art. In addition to space design, detailed advertising plans and hobby products can attract visitors, increase revenue, and spread art.

TRG Cafe - Section 1
TRG Cafe - Section 2
TRG Cafe - Rendering 1
TRG Cafe - Rendering 2
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