Project description

"Be your own creator"

The art gallery is seen as a gathering place for the ideas of creators. The creator tells his story to the audience, and the feedback of the audience stimulates the continuation of the creator's story.

My vision for Talbot Rice Gallery is to create a young and dynamic gallery with a sense of experience, creation and communication, build a good education and art platform, and provide strong cultural support for the surrounding communities and even the whole city. The theme of TRG will be "lead you to become an artist."


the white gallery

"In design, white is generally considered a neutral backdrop that lets other colors in a design have a larger voice. It can help to convey cleanliness and simplicity."

I will focus on the classic space of the white Gallery. I visited the use of the existing white Gallery. At present, this is the display of movie sound effects, but the sound insulation effect of this space is not good. Moreover, because of the display of movies, space needs to be very dark, making the skylight unable to open, wasting the characteristics of its own space. So this space is worth having new functions here. I hope that the part of the transformation can be well integrated with the white Gallery.

Artistic creation process

I will change the use of the white gallery as an exhibition space. I will use the first floor of the white gallery as a re-creation space, and the second floor of the mezzanine and round gallery as a display space for tourists after creation.

I need the White gallery and Round gallery to complete the three functional themes:

Art experience perception,

Artistic creation and practice,

communication and expression.

And hope this space can complete interaction and multi-sensory experience, and instinctively reflect what visitors think.

The road to becoming an artist
The road to becoming an artist
Artist works exhibition area
the first floor
the location
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