In the Adapting the interior, I have tried to let users behaviour define the status of the space. In the Connecting interior, I tried to use the space to stimulate users' activities. Finally, in the Synthesis project, I combine these two design concepts to create a micro art 'street' within the Playfair library within the Old College. The 'street' will provide different functional spaces and activities for users to meet, socialise, interact and fascinatingly experience the art.
Although the street faces the public, it is not truly a 'public' area. It includes areas that can be accessed by the public and some that are relatively private, and the boundary between the public and private is changing all the time according to people's needs and behaviours. This, therefore, means that there is a negotiation and consideration between the private (fixed) and the public (flexible) within the space, which I think is the key that makes the area full of dynamics and possibilities. So I wanted to investigate how the library could be designed as an art city with various spatial forms and negotiation between the space. It is like the streets in a city, especially in Asia, the boundaries on the street are not finite, but zones of negotiation." (Karnchanaporn,2014).

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