Project description

The project is a renovation of the historic Playfair Library, which is currently only used as a venue for exhibitions and banquets. The main aim of the project was to provide a reading space for students to have a unique experience.
A library is a form of imagery that requires this spatial hierarchy and can help to restore the psyche and create a good spatial experience. I, therefore, wanted to design an integrated space that was organic, soft, cheerful and with a 'geological character'. This is not just a retrospective to help people shape their memories. At the same time, I also wanted to take care of people's psychological needs and provide a new kind of psychological need. Everyone has their safe memory cave. Allowing people to experience their own safe space for books. Thus creating a space where nature meets body and mind.

Shuqi Deng

“Reading Cave"- Adapting Of Playfiar Library
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