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Spatial experience is a continuous process. The exhibition space of a gallery is not the whole of people's impression and experience of this space. The corridors connecting these exhibition spaces are also part of the spatial experience. Talbot Rice Gallery has three galleries with different styles, but the journey of visitors to TRG Gallery often starts from the reception. After investigating and analyzing the project site, I found that the corridor from the reception to the exhibition space is narrow and ordinary. It may give people a bad experience and impression that does not match the exhibition space.

I readapt the corridor from the reception to the exhibition space by interpreting and imagining the process of darkness to light as a means of spatial narration and emotion. This renovation will create an immersive experience journey of a sense of story for visitors and improve the internal circulation of different exhibition spaces of TRG.


After I personally visited TRG, what impressed me most was the bright circular gallery and the dark Georgia gallery.  These two spaces with completely different atmospheres are very dramatic.  When I moved from one gallery to another, the dramatic changes in light gave me a feeling of going from night to day.  I divide the day into four phases, analyze and try to describe the atmosphere and experience of these four phases by sketch and text

Ground Floor - Night

A dark rotunda, calm and mysterious light shone from upstairs. A huge spiral staircase is placed in the centre of the hall. This staircase connects time and space. People start from here, from night to dawn.

First floor - Dawn

The first floor is a narrow and dark circular corridor, with bright lights shining from the walls and spilling onto the ground.  It was like the sun rising over the horizon.  When people look through the Windows on the wall, they can see not only the art but also the building's past.  Some paintings hang on the bare old plaster walls.

Second floor - Morning

The third floor of TRG is a bright space, the morning of this journey. The morning is busy. For TRG, people don't stay here for a long time, because they usually just pass by here to go to another gallery, or stay here for a short time to admire the paintings on the wall.

Third floor - Afternoon

The third floor of TRG is a bright and warm space.  This floor is the afternoon during the day. Afternoons are lazy and cosy, so there is no artwork here, but there are several private rest spaces and open rest spaces.  People can enjoy a comfortable afternoon here, rest, think and communicate.

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