This presentation is a summation of all the projects I have done in my course. It will be emphasising majorly on the designs which revolved around the Playfair Library Hall, about the analysis and new adaptations of spaces inside the hall, from renovations of reading carrels to museum and exhibition space for Talbot Rice Gallery. It will also highlight the dichotomy and combination of "old and new", "history and technology", "past and the future".

Macro Design thinking

“Public institutions often operate under a degree of stasis, especially in relation to their interior environment.” A spatial change within a public institution will be the major insertion and the project proposal at the same time, which can also be considered as the theme for the whole proposal. Public engagement, a vision that I would like to initiate in order to create a community development for a greater cause, keeping the visitors' rate intact. The objective was to re-organise the existing Talbot Rice Gallery and its functions with a vision for the future. Here, I am going to show you a portion of this project as this project contains many different levels of spatial planning. The Talbot Rice Gallery is situated in the Old College, Edinburgh. This project also included urban strategies for branding the proposals, graphically and digitally. The image at the left is a section of the new Talbot Rice Gallery.

Reading carrel
Visualising Environments

The below sketches show an illustration of my personal workspace and a depiction of the city of Edinburgh while I was in my home country. This represents the idea of visualisation of different environments. This shows the macro and micro elements, objects, its impact to the space. 

Objects of interiors
Through Colours

The below images show the mood, atmosphere, energy, architecture and "stimmung" of the interiors of the Playfair through colours. It also includes a comparison of the same factors with respect to my personal workspace.

Colours of Playfair
Interiors through architecture
Digitising Playfair

This film conveys a connection between the real world and the digital world. Here I took the dream as a theme to communicate the idea easier. In the film, the portal to the other realm was through the wardrobe and all it took to get to the other end was just a push. Therefore, I believe in reality all it takes to travel between the real and the digital world is simply ‘a touch’ or ‘a sound’. As technology advances the connection between these two entities is becoming more simpler, I am sharing this content to the viewer by typing, clicking and even by vocal commands. I feel it is our sensories which is the point of contact of the digital and physical world. Everyone is connected in a perpetual; world where reality can be created from our thoughts.   

Skills & Experience
  • Creative
  • Free-hand Sketching
  • 3D modelling
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