My projects are mainly based on picture book creation. I prefer to use bright colors and abstract characters to compose my illustrations. Most of my work is digital painting and they are usually inspired by my life. I really like to record some interesting or strange ideas in daily life and exaggerate them to my illustration. I am more concerned with making the images interesting than with the delicacy of the work.


These five illustrations are my exploration and reflection on the process of transition between pleasure and pain. Does pleasure also become one of the elements that increase the level of suffering? Are the two extremes of emotion closely linked, or is there an apparent rift between them? These were the main questions I thought about when creating this work. I think the process of creating this work is also my way of seeking balance in my life.


This picture book project plans to show the concept of confirmation bias caused by an aversion to certain foods.

The story takes place on a sunny afternoon when a hungry little girl runs towards home to meet her dinner time. But apparently, it isn't her lucky day, as her mother cooked the fish dish she hates so much. So the girl begins to prove that fish are horrible creatures. She thinks the fish's terrifying black-holes of eyes sometimes can devour people, and the fish stinks beyond the combination of smells from skunk, Dad's socks, and tons of rubbishes. Even the fish bones that accidentally get stuck in people's throats can quietly plot to take over human bodies. But at the end of the story, it turns out that the girl who had previously been so adamant about the inedibility of fish is gobbling up her mother's fish pudding, for she didn't know it contained fish.


Waffle is a sensitive and introverted gardener. He waits at home for his best friend Eva to arrive as usual, but when the appointed time comes, Eva is late in showing up. A myriad of speculations and questions flood into Waffle's mind.

The main aim of the project is to explore the various compositional forms of comics. So each page will have a different composition.

Ying Sun

Between/But fish is not a kind of food/lost the way
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