Kate is an Illustrator based in Edinburgh who makes detailed and colourful images using an array of different paints, pencils and crayons. She creates atmosphere in her work by playing with light, shadows and perspective. The themes Kate likes to explore include current social and political events as well as the captivating mundanity of everyday life. 

During her MA Kate designed book covers, made a short graphic novel and a zine, and also produced a collection of other stand-alone illustrations. Her reimagined cover of 'The Salt Path', a book by Raynor Winn, has been longlisted for the World Illustration Awards, and some of her other illustrations have been published by The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, and as part of the Royal Anthropological Institute's exhibition, 'Illustrating Anthropology'. 

Kate is looking forward to creating more narratives for a range of audiences, including children, and developing her skills in editorial illustration. 

At the Open Window - A short Graphic Novel

Kate created a short graphic novel exploring how windows have framed our experience of the pandemic. Investigating the juxtaposition of solitude and shared experience, the narrative follows a character as she attempts to reconnect with the outside world. Kate hopes that the novel prompts readers to reflect upon their own experiences of spending vast amounts of time inside and the creative lengths we had to go to in order to socialise. 



A reimagined cover of the Salt Path by Raynor Winn

After reading Winn's memoir Kate was inspired to redesign the book's cover. Her illustration pulls together imagery conjured by the author's description of the landscape she encountered whilst walking the South West Coast Path. 

A hand holds up the Salt Path book by Raynor Winn. expand
Wigtown Book Festival Cover Design

In her own interpretation of Wigtown Book Festival's theme for 2021, Kate designed a programme cover for the upcoming literary celebration. 

A hand holds up the cover of a book with the title 'Wigtown Book Festival'. The scene is green and blue and features a large open book with small houses. expand
A drawing of a book cover. The cover features a coastline at night with the moon shining brightly. Two people sit in a tent on the hillside. The title " the Salt Path" and the name of the author, Raynor Winn, can be seen on the right hand side of the drawing. expand
A drawing of an open book and many small books on a green grassy background. expand
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