I have a background in Anthropology and my work is influenced by the people, places and things around me. I enjoy making short comics and zines based on these observations, reflecting on themes such as friendship, community and queerness. My illustrations emphasise the extra-ordinary in things that seem mundane or boring, with humour and silliness at their core. My work is bold, colourful and joyful and I love working with collage, crayon and pastel. I also work with printmaking processes such as risography as well as digital mediums. Ultimately, I want my work to make people smile and for a huge array of people to feel seen, accepted and represented when they see it.

Opening up, Overwhelmed, Swimming, Growing and Adjusting

A collection of narrative zines about coming out of lockdown. This autobiographical project reflects the challenges I have encountered as things open up again, illustrating the ways I am coping with these changes as we all re-emerge into some sort of new normal. Each zine is riso printed in three colours with a fold out poster on the reverse side.

swimming zine photograph
overwhelmed zine
growing zine photograph
opening up
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Dogs in jackets riso print Issey Medd
dogs in jacket zine
Dogs in Jackets

Selected work about dogs I have observed wearing jackets.

Pastel drawings, digital illustrations and a riso printed concertina zine.

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A Quick Dip

An 8 page zine based on my experiences and observations of wild swimming. Following my household on one of our weekly swims at portobello beach, this zine touches on themes of mental health, friendship and the power of a cold-water swim to get you through difficult times. 

A Quick Dip is a hand folded zine, riso printed in blue and black and folds out into a poster on the reverse side. It debuted as part of the Glasgow Zine Fair in April.

a quick dip 6
a quick dip 2
wild swim







Characters inspired by the Wigtown Book Festival, riso printed in aqua, yellow and floro pink.

Reading gif Issey Medd
Wigtown book festival cover Issey Medd
Programme cover design for the Wigtown Book Festival






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