My work is devoted to watercolor painting. I am also interested in the use of comprehensive materials. I hope to create colorful and decorative illustrations. Most of my works are related to my memories and feelings. I try to use color to express my intuitive feelings about the world.

The color of memory:In this series, I want to find a color of memory. For me, the color that can represent memory is a hazy purple, which is the color of camera Roll. I use mineral pigments to make granular background to express the feeling of camera Roll, then cover it with watercolor paint.

My feelings for the four seasons:I use some colors to express my feelings about the four seasons, and use comprehensive materials to achieve the decoration of the picture.Spring is pink and romantic. Summer is wet and full of green. Autumn leaves make the whole world golden. The cold of winter can be described in blue and purple...


The picture can show different effects under different lights.

Shuyu Ke

The color of memory/My feelings for the four seasons
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