Poor To Raise

This is a story about my mother when she was young. My mother was born into a poor and patriarchal family in the 1970s in China. Her father was blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and did not have a decent job. In addition, my mother's grandmother did not like her daughter-in-law because she was a girl from the countryside. This led to a lot of arguments and problems in the family before my mother was even born. The birth of my mother brought even more inevitable conflicts to the family.
Everyone in the family wanted their first child to be a boy more than anything else, so they were angry and disappointed at the birth of my mother who should have received more love and affection, was now the most unwanted person in the family.
Mental anguish and loneliness were often a part of my mother's life growing up. She did not like her family of origin, but as a young child, she was not in a position to make any changes. It wasn't until she entered a recitation competition when she was in high school, however, that she won the champion. Since then she has worked her way up to university and has become a news presenter and journalist. It was from here that she was able to escape the nightmare of her childhood.

Animal Band

This comic book story is a story that I would like to create following the children's book project. This short comic focuses on a high school student, Lulu, who stops by a second-hand musical instrument shop because she really likes guitars and accidentally meets her neighbour, Mrs KimĀ 
(Giraffe). There are also three main characters in this story except for Lulu and Mrs. Kim. However, only two of the characters mentioned above are shown in this short comic.

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