I am an illustrator based in the UK and Taiwan. During the time I studied in ECA, I created picture books, short comics, and zines that illustrated my life in Edinburgh and stories about relationships. I hope my works can send people a happy message that makes them smile.

Seagulls are everywhere in Edinburgh. They have become one of my impressions of this city. However, there are a bunch of people who don't like seagulls because they have caused plenty of problems to the city. This inspired me to create a zine called "Seagullssss" that illustrates the negative relationship between seagulls and humans.

“Into the Lightness" is a story about a unique friendship between a lonely boy and his shadow. The boy had no friends at the beginning because he didn’t know how to get along with others. However, his life changed one day after he met his shadow. With the help from Shadow, the boy builds up the courage to make some friends of his own. The idea of the story comes from the lockdown period. Staying at home makes people harder to meet new friends and deal with their loneliness. People can easily lose their social skills while spending most of their time alone.

Into the Lightness

“A Place Far from Home” is a zine that aims to record my life in Edinburgh. Traveling halfway around the world to this place to study, I got the chance to visit places I had never been to before. I love to draw these places in my style. It helps me get to know Edinburgh better and captures the new findings in my life.

Welcome Home

I used an A5 sheet to make a small pop-up book. The book illustrates my home in Taiwan and shows how much I miss my family and dog.

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