My inspiration comes from observations of my daily life and nature. I explore the relationship between nature and human life in my works. Most of my works are handmade with mixed materials. I enjoy the process of making different textures of different materials and overlaying them on top of each other, creating an uncertain, organic and gentle effect.

Butterfly Book

Butterfly book is an art book of different butterfly species. I made each butterfly in its real size in nature and designed some playful pop-ups and envelopes to show the names of the butterflies. Readers can discover these names through their interaction with this book.

Butterfly Book
A Cherry Tree

A cherry tree is a children's picture book. It tells the life story of a cherry tree and its friendship with a little girl. I put a lot of my personal feelings into this book, and I hope to express some poetic humanity through my illustrations.

Glad we have trees

This series of illustrations is about trees in daily city life. Trees accompany us in a silent way and they are also places where stories happen. I painted these illustrations based on my observations of trees in Edinburgh and how they get involved in human and animal activities.

On the Canal expand
On the Canal
A Sudden Rain expand
A Sudden Rain
Between the Branches expand
Between the Branches
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