With a background in psychology during my undergraduate years, I am interested in personal stories that explore subjects including self-identity, relationships and individual values. Through visual arts and narrative writing, I present stories and communicate with my audience, not to define but to explore the no-right answers. 

I don’t want to be friends with my mom any more.
A girl stands when her mother is taking her backpack.
My mom is strict with others, but she never admits when she is wrong.
The mother is criticising the girl on the way home.
This time, she was criticizing me loudly on the way home because I was late for school…
…as we were right in front of my best friends, my naughty classmates and my secret crush.
I proved she was wrong with a good performance at school.
She didn’t say sorry. You see, she never apologizes.  Well, I was happy to have my favorite meal today though.
But I won’t change my mind. I don’t want to be friends with my mom any more.
Even my friends don’t want to be friends with her.
But somehow, I feel bad about it.
The girls is holding her mother's hand.
If mom spoke more gently and patiently, she would have a lot of friends.
The mother is surrounded by flowers.
Anyway, today is the day that we are not friends any more.
But wait...
So warm is it in the balcony…
and so gentle are my mom’s hands clearing my ears that I almost fall asleep on her lap.
Well, not today, I think.

The story is dedicated to my mom. 

I am taking this chance to say thank you and I love you.

What defines a girl?

What defines me?

How does being a girl define me?


Who loves me?

Who do I love?

What is the reason for love?


Do flowers laugh?

Do flowers cry?

Do flowers wonder what girls are?

Do flowers wonder what flowers are?

"What's the time? Spring? Morning? 9am? Time to... self-isolate? How are you? It's been a hard time. But it's also a time when snow falls on the hills,  supermarket flowers are in blossom, and a letter to you is on the way."
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