Last Judgement
Homo 002
Artist Statement

     This body of work derived from a want to subvert and juxtapose contrasting elements of traditional masculine and feminine attributes, that cross disciplines of fashion and art.  The focus is to create an aesthetic that not only serves function but a clear concept and narrative of reclaiming what is means to be ‘Queer’. I have set out to utilise textiles, performance and set design as a means to not only display but act equally important to my narrative. I uncover different ways of combining these disciplines, using both traditional and contemporary methods. The work I create deals with queer narratives and day to day lived connotations of gender.


     How can certain clothing reflect genders and why combining the two creates juxtapositions? I am fascinated by the way that fashion can feed into an artist’s repertoire of methodologies. Subsequently my practice led me to consider and channel personal memories of growing into my own queer identity. The work exists as a representation of fragmented experiences and truths based on my own childhood and adolescence. From objects of fascination to material memories, each piece depicts a previously closeted personal memory now laid confidently bare. I display the potential of clothing not only as something linear but instead complex and thought provoking.

Heading OFJJ

Fashion is simply more than the fabric, garment or clothing itself, just as art is more than colours mixed on a palette or images on canvas. Fashion is trends, thoughts, ideas, icons, sub-cultures that feed from it, extend it, evolve it and surround it.