Alliyah Enyo*Ascension/Destruction*



Her name is in of itself a cycle and so I breathe. Breathe life into my ecosystem through song, through dance, through ritual.

I embed my emotional landscape into stories of mythology that resonate. This creates a space which is fictioned, a fragile world of scattered fragments, the remnants embedded into myths. A layering of organic dust particles settling into rock formations.

*Skin into landscape, mind into myth*

To resonate with female icons is to create a free fall. With the fall, the emotional material becomes free to connect with other stories, extending the thread of their life. This creates an immersive deep time state, a ‘worlding’ experience I can nest inside. My fragmented methodology connects the voice to the electronic. Using looping technologies, durational performance and movement, my process reflects my experiences of disorientation in time. What was once linear has now become cyclical, even magical.

*The whites of your eyes echo future songs*

Phenomena in sound are mirrored with the icons I explore. Currently I’m exploring the character of Echo, mirroring the emotional sound phenomena by playing with organic and electronic vessels to create this.

*I’ll only echo and dance among the ruins*

Vocals reverberate and resonate into the ether, incanting the body to a place where echoic memory is unlocked. I operate in the space of 

*The invisible ruin that burns between us*



alliyah dancing in cathedral
*Echo's Disintegration* - Performed by Alliyah Enyo, filmed by Cal McCormack
*Echo's Disintegration*


*listen with headphones for nested experience*

Embodying the character of Echo, Alliyah Enyo performs her live set harnessing organic echo and reverb within St.Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Wailing, reverberating and echoing into the vastness she empowers feminine frequencies, breathing life into Echo, a mythological figure whose perspective is untold. Her performance is both a personal and feminist act, with the intention of creating work outside of preconceived limitations, extending her experience to universal issues surrounding women in sound.

*Before the grace of my death*
*Before white eyes that wept*
*Before your soul you will kneel*
*And be cursed to hear my voice shatter you*
*Until thunder strikes, until rain falls into pores,
Oh let rainwater erode my skin so that I may form into another *to touch another is to feel past lovers* and become apart of the mud that seeps from the rain, from its silvery wetness,
May the patterns that echo in my memory give light and guide my metamorphosis,
For this is no ordinary death my love, death is a becoming, a reckoning, it is a cry of pain, it is a song that I will sing to you eternal, eternal...*

Ovid's Metamorphosis Extract
'Dwelling in the lonely caves;
Yet still her love endures and grows on grief,
And weeping vigils waste her frame away,
Only her voice and bones are left; at last
Only her voice, her bones are turned to stone
So in the woods she hides and hills around,
For all to hear, alive, but just a sound...'


Echo's Disintegration Setlist

water river/echoes whispers
Singing bowl wail/Echo downriver
water river
Choral Fragmentation *latenights*
siren swells/bath song
Echo's disintegration loop
Echo's dying rhythm breath
thunderstorm for echo
waterfall song
*when my mind is quiet i drift 2 u**water 2 wine*
Because my love (outro)
Reverberate hymn
Beauty *crown of* w/Gabriel


*Echoes of thought*
*Skin into landscape, mind into myth*
*The invisible ruin that burns between us*
*The whites of your eyes echo future songs*
*A dying breath a body entranced and turning to stone*


Creative Team
Majek Kafka (photographer)
Miriam Craddock (photographer)
Cal McCormack (videographer)
Amelia Wang (costume designer)
Gabriel Levine-Brislin (guitar)
Ana BlackGoblinAudio (sound recordist)

Echo's Disintegration was recorded live from St.Mary's Episcopal Cathedral 2021 

*Echo's Disintegration*
alliyah dancing
HYMN *4 empty club*
HYMN *4 empty club*

HYMN *4 empty club* is a live performance and sound piece exploring meditative connections that relate to the experience of clubbing in the electronic music scene. With the lack of clubbing I was missing this community and creation of 'collective effervescence' so I wanted to recreate the feeling of trance like states in more ambient contexts. The sound piece is free of time and moves in a rhythm akin to a wave, exploring Romanian and Bulgarian folk choir techniques the piece is built in vocal layers creating polyphonic harmonies, all with a single voice, my own. 

In order to document my performances I began to realise I needed to collaborate with people so that I could produce the best quality of work. It was also a way of building a creative community and connecting to others in times that restricted us to do so, my ecosystem developed by integrating other peoples specialism into it. It has now become the key final stage in realising my concepts and bringing performances to fruition.

Creative Team:

Brogan Vandenio (Videographer)

Oliver Jones (Fashion & Set Designer)

Miriam Craddock (Photographer)

Alliyah Enyo (Performer/Jewellery Designer)


alliyah singing
*Choral Fragmentation*
*Choral Fragmentation*

This vocal work explores using fragmentation as a reaction to trauma and performing emotional wails in personally curated safe spaces- influenced by the history of  female wailers hired for funerals from Arabic to Irish cultures. For me these safe spaces have become the bedroom space, a natural echoic landscape, a club or a church. To release emotional material inside these safe spaces allows time for the emotional vocal fragments to become pieced together, reforming a broken timeline. A ruinous soundscape reflecting my experiences of disorientation in time.

alliyah singing in the club
Memory Box Mix *4 empty club*

This mix weaves together field recordings to create a layered memory experience of *echoic memory* to create movement with inside an empty club. 

Play this mix in a state of motion *emotion*, energising the memory box to open, shedding light *golden* to reveal what’s been forgotten.

This mix has been a slow process, an act of fragmenting and layering forgotten voice notes and field recordings, interwoven with selections that draw upon feelings of nostalgia. The chosen productions empower divine feminine vocalisations, emotions and their creative powers.

*open the box to discover echoic memory*

I believe sound is the deepest sense in our connection to accessing subconscoius and emotional memory. Its materiality embeds itself deep in the mind, resonating and reverberating when called upon- transporting us to a forgotten time. Sound is endless. It is re-experienced over and over, capable of layering new memories upon old. It infinitely transforms, infinitely re-creates.

When I put this mix on I was compelled to move, to walk around Edinburgh with these old memories filling my ears, rediscovering them like a traveller. It fulfilled a need to feel is if I was breaking into new territory, exploring old memories in rehearsed walks somehow felt like something new. Tenderly touching each memory with every step, collapsing the space between past and present, creating a space for daydreaming.

*deep in slumber we sound a collective space for dreaming*

*Woven Fragments* Live set and woven recordings

Live set performed and layered for radio in Aberdeen. 

alliyah drawing
Dance score on paper
drawing of two figures
*the whites of your eyes echo future songs*
alliyah drawing
drawing of echo on black paper
alliyah in silver robe drawing
alliyah nested in pencil drawing
alliyah portrait picture