I’m an interdisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh and Dundee whose practice explores the topics of mental health and the trans experience. In my work, I use poetry, which I have written myself, as my starting point. It is very healing for me to share my experience through my practice in the hope of someone else recognising themselves in my work. I often use found objects/sound clips/film clips in my work as I have always been interested in collecting things, due to my upbringing living in Bangladesh. I have travelled to many different countries with my family, and we have collected items from each country we’ve been to. My practice spans many different mediums and is always changing - from performance and sound art, to illustration and animation. I am interested in making my work all- immersive for the audience and making them feel a certain emotion. I believe there is something really special about how we can bring people together by the power of one voice. More recently, I have started using stop motion animation in my work as I used to make these as a child. It was my dream to work for Aardman Animations. I believe it explores the concept of the inner child and inner voice – this also reflects on how I feel about myself now as I am becoming happier in myself. With my work, I hope to educate cisgender people that transitioning is not about change, but it is about alignment - as well as inspiring young queer and trans folks to be authentic to themselves.

calling... (2021)
dreaming... (2021)
CAD render of 2 TVs with skeleton on bed expand
inner child, outer shell (2021)
CAD render of 2 stacked TVs with skeleton on bed expand
CAD Render of inner child, outer shell (2021)
wake. (2021)
2 figures falling with boots
a figure calling
"calling..." Available to buy in Shop
2 figures sitting
"sitting..." Available to buy in Shop
pocket figure
Figure rolling ball
"rolling..." Available to buy in Shop
2 figures falling
"falling.." Available to buy in Shop
this is my voice (2020) - Album