Project description

My work attempts to capture the feelings experienced during a period of night time insomnia, based primarily on specific worries that kept me awake during the first lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic. The worries vary from the very serious, including fears surrounding death and illness, to the very trivial including: the worry of not having an unladdered pair of tights to wear in the morning. The spectrum of the the ten worries is meant to emphasise the plethora of anxieties humans can experience, and how these have been accentuated by prolonged periods of time spent in isolation. The human mind is programmed to feel fear, which can be heightened by darkness and an inability to clear your mind in order to sleep. I wanted to present this growth in insomnia that is both autobiographical and universal due to the global pandemic in a body of work.

 The ten worries are presented cumulatively in a virtual dolls house setting, where each different room can be clicked on and explored. The worries are described through snippets of written text based upon my own internal narrative, and created in the form of miniature instillations. Working in a miniature scale allowed me to create the work in a confined space whilst creating from my bedroom and simultaneously shrunk my worries. Miniaturising my fears acted as a way of processing the worries, whilst the connotations of childhood and innocence often where my personal worries seem to stem from is represented in using a dolls house like scale.

 Merging ideas of fear with an object typically associated with childhood creates an unsettling and ominous atmosphere as you click through the different rooms the house is comprised of. Each fear is presented in a different way, utilising different mediums to visually represent the fear and the effect it can have on your mind. Nothing is quite as it seems The natural order has been disturbed, mirroring the chaos is unfolding across the globe.

'Ten Things That Keep Me Awake At Night'
10 Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

This video narrates different worries included in the 10 Things That Keep Me Awake At Night. My voice is layered over scenes of the Sea at Trinity on different days. The video presents shifting worries as time changes. All of the video is taken at the same location by the sea, and acted as a prelude to the creation of my miniature sets.