If a Circle Breaks, video, duration 1m 08s
White rectangle of fabric with embroidered multicoloured islands, hung on wall expand
Barber Stones_Greta_Breakdown_Islands_2020_07_12_010
Island 7, video, duration 40s
99% Bougie

The paragraph is taken from the result of an online personality quiz- ‘What percent bougie are you?’- and answers that you are ‘99% bougie!’. I have been using text in my work, and in particular results from silly online personality quizzes as a way of conveying heavy thoughts and overloaded self-analysis. Reducing these ideas to meaningless and fun statements allows them to become relatable to my generation.

(Note.. Bougie is a term created in current online and meme culture. It derives from the word bourgeoisie, and means to be classy, wealthy, fancy)

Large piece of carpet underlay with text cut out
Barber Stones_Greta_I Relate_99% Bougie_2019_04_12_007
You should NOT get bangs right now, video, duration 3m16s
Installation shot consisting of wallpaper with text on pillar, monitor on plinth and a wallpaper potted plant expand
Barber Stones_Greta_I Relate_Reasons to date a Scorpio_2019_03_28_006
It takes fourty eight seconds until it has gone, video, duration 48s
Process, video, duration 49s
Detailed painting of detached hand expand
Barber Stones_Greta_Breakdown_Human_2021_04_29_012
Let the Bodies Pile High, video, duration 30s, designed to be played on loop
It's not quite home, video, duration 4m17s