Rhiannon J Gray is a Glaswegian-born Artist whose work revives ancient practices of community ritual and animistic beliefs. Their practice is guided by adhering to the daily rituals of a seer and following a path laced with omens.

They facilitate workshops and performance rituals which bring together communities to express joy, healing, and magickal synchronicities. Gray channels their energy into finding ways to transcend the profanity of Individualism by returning to a network of being that values community reciprocity and is devoid of economic hierarchy. The ethos of Gray’s work is to sain[1] the spirit of creativity at an individual, community, and policy-level.

Rhiannon J Gray has been selected by Nomadic Art Residency Programme La Wayaka Currents to research indigenous relationships with ecology in Atacama Desert and Guna Yala in 2022.



[1] Archaic Scot's Word from the Scottish Gaelic seun ("a charm"), Sain can mean to bless or consecrate and make the sign of the cross. Seun covers a charm for protection, protection in general and also prosperity and fortune. To Seun/sain an object you utilise the sign of a cross or say a protective charm said over an object or both to hallow it and to awaken it to purpose aimed at protecting your prosperity

Six hands reaching out and coming together to join
Large mosaic of the sun in grey, white and fractals of colour on green wood being rolled across grass. On the grass there are 12 other planets and astroids and moons. The person moving the sun has red hair
Inside a parking lot a woman is giving the artist a mosaic of the Earth. In the background is a mosaic of the sun. Both partcipants are wearing all black clothing and standing on grey gravel
Park Space Ritual; image depicting the legs of three people circumambulating a mosaic of Saturn on granite flooring
Person in all black crouching down to mosaic. In the background and foreground there are 13 mosaics depicting the solar system
Man jumping off a skateboard and forming lotus position. In the background there is a lake with swans and in the foreground there are mosaics
grit salt box with graffiti and two paintings sitting on top. the paintings are green/blue and orange they both have a circle in the centre with light dispearsing out
Mosaics of the Earth and Moon on grass with terracotta building in the background
People circumambulating around the solar system in a joyful dance ritual
Distorted and blurred image of people doing a ritualised dance around the solar system
People circumambulating around the solar system in a joyful dance ritual
Artist and children engaging in a domestic garden setting with the mosaics of the solar system
Young girl pretending to hoover the sun mosaic with a pink childrens hoover. The mosaic is on grass and there are chairs and toys in the background

Our gray matter influence by our reality. It expands with quietness, contentment, serenity. It shrinks with everything impoverishment extends to.


Skills & Experience
  • Workshop Developer and Facilitator 2019-Present (Edinburgh College of Art, Chaplaincy, St Margaret's House, Whale Arts Centre)
  • Lithuania Sun & Sea Marina (Beach Goer/Choir) Venice Biennale 2019
  • Scottish Mental Health Workshop Workshop Facilitator 2019
  • Curatorial Team (Head of Curation) 2019

If we could feel the sound of the cosmos, how would it be?

Dense and chaotic or light and free?

Do we meditate alongside cosmic sound with every breath of the day?

Unawareness, autopilot

But, if we tried to listen could we hear?

Are we dancing to cosmic sound or are we cosmic sound?

Listen with eyes closed and through headphones to maximise your experience

Work composed and produced by James Stark

James Stark

Composition, Music Production and Sound Design jameswstark97@gmail.com