Over the past four years, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Edinburgh College of Art. In this time, I have augmented my concept-driven approach to design, refining my technical skills to produce crafted and creative outcomes. After graduating, I wish to join a design agency with a focus on branding and packaging.

Open liquid pages of Refraction book

In response to a brief asking for a book made out of an unconventional material, I decided to encase liquid of varying viscosity in hand-ironed plastic to produce functional pages. Throughout the process, I observed the interaction between the chosen materials and environment, noticing a warping effect when looking through each page. Through research, I identified this phenomenon as refraction. I later adapted the book into a tool for manual type distortion, and this was developed into a product.

Refraction cover displaying blurb
Type sample cards
Refracted type (H2O)
Refracted type ((C2H3C1)n)
Logo for Cereal Creative Agency

As part of Edinburgh College of Art’s design agency project, final year students are required to create their own agency, employing those from younger years. This year, I founded Cereal alongside fellow Creative Directors, Cherry Fu and AnnaSophia Gouw, together leading projects under the mentorship of Design Bridge Amsterdam. Through the creation of a custom typeface, combined with a selective colour palette, I designed a playful and inclusive identity for the agency. This was maintained through the production of mock-ups and presentation material, such as those seen here, which also helped promote Cereal.

Check out our Instagram to see what we got up to: @cerealcreative.

Cereal Box
Cereal team profiles
Ornate picture frame mockup
TV screen mockup
Breakfast Club Poster
Breakfast Club

As part of the agency module, I also created and hosted a showcase event: Breakfast Club. This was run at the end of each semester and provided each agency in the year-group with the opportunity to share their own experiences and outputs. As well as allowing creative feedback, these Breakfast Club sessions were a chance to bring everyone together.

To record my personal experience of agency, I created zine-style journals which I titled ‘Serial’, the covers of which can be seen below. In these, I detailed my reflections on managing the group alongside my creative process.

Thank you very much for taking the time to view my work. I'd love to hear your thoughts: