Welcome to Mars... here's your calendar.

The prompt for this project was 'make something simple complicated'. I chose to look at the functional piece of everyday design that is the calendar. I decided to complicate my calendar by combining our current Gregorian calendar with a calendar for Mars based on the Utopian Calendar for the mir (Martian year) 219. To provide context to the piece I chose to imagine it as part of a welcome pack produced by the Martian Settlement Scheme which relocates people from an over populated Earth to the newly inhabited Mars.

The calendar is reusable to reflect the limited resources that would be available during the initial colonisation of Mars, and takes advantage of the Utopian Calendar being a perpetual calendar system (the dates and days of the month are the same each year). To include the corresponding Earth dates alongside it, a roll of paper tape printed with the Earth dates is provided to be taped in the allotted column. This can be removed each mir and updated with the current dates.

An orange coloured grid is offset, showing 12 blank squares. The word Phoenix can be read in the top left, and the words Tuesol and Wednesol in the bottom left. This is a close up of a calendar.
A long horizontal image with a dates running top to bottom. Columns alternate between Earth and Mars dates. A title and introduction text to the left reads 'Mir 219 to Years 2021-22'
Sols and Weeks. A list of the names of days of the week (sols) on mars.
Reads months and seasons. The months on mars are then listed in order below.

To see the full calendar you can download the pdf at the top of this page.