My main focus is building ideas that solve a problem through experimental and functional design. I enjoy the versatility of design and particularly forward-thinking concepts. I am motivated by the many directions within this profession and eager to expand my personal direction within a lively and professional environment. 


Design Key shape study expand
Artwork key - Emotional shape and colour study expand
Stranger's Stories

Stranger's Stories is a platform of stories to relate to. Open conversations about life's highs and lows. We are not alone if we can say 'I feel it too'. All stories are anonymous and aim to provide solidarity and solace during these strange isolated times.

The platform's Identity was formed by combining carefully chosen shapes with corresponding elements. The final shape and colour key reflects the emotional connections within each element, I carefully crafted an appropriate number of shapes in order to freely use them for future series. The final designs highlight three key factors, undisturbed emotion, disturbed emotion, which signifies the story's weakness, and the journey, which represents the whole experience. 

Stranger's Stories Spotify
Artwork cover for three series within the platform

Co-designed and won the future Identity of Ampersand, 2023. Ampersand is an Exhibition and 2 Day Conference or Symposium planned with a Letterpress and bookbinding focus for 23-24 June 2023 at Edinburgh College of Art. It will be the first significant exhibition of letterpress work shown at the college for 25 years.

The exhibition will encompass letterpress prints and books arts from the UK and beyond. The conference will examine traditional roles in a contemporary context, and set in motion a conversation between the analogue and the digital. The aim of the conference is to discover, educate, make connections and to bring together possibilities in redefining collaborative working practices to a new generation of letterpress and bookbinding connoisseurs.

Ampersand Brochure
Ampersand Logo
Ampersand Wayfinding




This project aimed at making people take action, change and think about sustainable fashion. ‘Imprint’ acts as a ‘piggyback’ brand for sneaker companies to partner with in order to create a sustainable and environmentally aware shoe. The Brand is a concept that would manufacture organic soles to stand out as fashionable, whilst reinforcing this feeling that it is ‘Cool to Care’.


Imprint Steps
Imprint Advertising
Imprint mobile